These are computer generated pictures. The red parts are parts from the
MENG or HONG MODEL kit. Six pictures show the actual 3D print.
This set contains a highly detailed driver compartment for the ZSU-23-4M 'Shilka'. Specially designed to fit inside the lower hull of the model kit. All parts have holes and taps for easy assembly.

Instruction sheet will not be shipped with your order and must be downloaded from this website. Look at the top of this column.

There are two different sets. One for HONG MODEL (H-5001) and one for MENG (TS-023). Please take care in ordering the right one!
This also applies to the instruction sheet.

MENG kit:
Althought there is a driver interior set available in MENG's ZSU-23-4 'Shilka' kit, you will find that the 3D in Scale set is more accurate and more complete in all details.

Interior differences between M- and V-versions are minor. Mainly noticable are different gauges on intrument panel and a different lower air cyllinder.