It is possible to order parts from our website and customise them to you specific needs. Please contact me here with your request. We will answer you as soon as possible, if your request is possible or economical, before we do any work.
Although these customisations were for specific customers we have made them available to you as well.
We have included a pipe load and straps to stackable steel container type 4.
We have made the M5A1 .50 ringmount and headlight parts available to order separatly.
We have upscaled stackable steel containers, type 1 and 3, into 1:16th scale. Different sets available.
We have upscaled the M49 ringmount into 1:16th scale.
The Satellite dishes were made available in several sets.
We have upscaled camera type 1, into 1:24th scale and included a electrical box. Set of 5 cameras.
We have upscaled Valve No.2 and Elbow to fit Evergreens 9,5mm pipe. Set of four each.
We have upscaled Valve No.3 and fitted it to Evergreens 9,5mm pipe. Set of 4 valves.
We have specially made Valve No.5 and fitted it to Evergreens 9,5mm pipe. Set of 4 Valves.
We have downscaled camera type 1, into 1:87th scale. Set of 10 cameras.
We have upscaled some M5 parts into 1:16th scale to aid in converting Trumpeters M16 into an M3 Halftrack.
We have collected some parts from the M5 conversion to aid in the building of an M17 halftrack.
We have included the M5A1 style headlights into an M5 conversion set to help build a French version.
A upscaled version of the Owen gun is available in 1/10th scale. In three easy to assemble pieces.
Special request for a design of 1:87th scale ice and fries display stands (2 cm high).